Bitcoin and China: More than Meets the Eye?


This article is not the first time that I have covered the Chinese Bitcoin economy. Four months ago, China saw its first major interaction with the Bitcoin community when the One Foundation, the largest independent charity in China, started accepting Bitcoin donations for a disaster relief campaign, and received 230 BTC (then $30,000) within two days. Two weeks after that, China became the first country to overtake the US in BitcoinQt client downloads, and keeps a position ofsecond place to this day. China also has an online discount store accepting bitcoins, a high level of Bitcoin activity on Taobao, the local equivalent of Ebay, and a large number of users eager to take up Bitcoin having already gone through the virtual currency experience with Q Coin in 2007. Most interestingly of all, however, was a half-hour broadcast on China Central television, a station described by Wikipedia as the “predominant state television broadcaster in mainland China”.


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