Bitcoin Exchange Mt. Gox Adds ˜Extra Security With One-Time Password Card

28 November 2013 | By Daniel Cawrey |

Japan-based bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox has announced some new updates and features to its platform including a one-time password (OTP) card.

This battery-powered password generator is linked to a users account, and can be used for an additional layer of security, either by storing a unique password or generating a new one every time a user performs actions such as logging in or initiating a withdrawal online.

The card costs $39.99 and is shipping now. For more information about the Mt. Gox OTP card, the exchange has produced a resource guide.

Mt. Gox has also announced increased SEPA withdrawal limits from its European bank, based in Poland. No exact amount is specified, only that the bank has œdoubled our limit, according to the exchanges press release.