Bitcoins Exchanged succesfully in Mali #BitcoinAfrica

29 October 2013 | By jeremias |

rsz_bitcoinafricaOur Africa motorcycler and Bitcoiner, Borja reported a new exchange story from Africa, this time from Mali.

“We just arrived to burkina faso, and crossed an incredible border from Mali. 3 really kind polices and thats all, they did it very easy and without bribes. Asking us about the trip and smiling all the time.

We had today quite a hard day, we had two punctures in my bike, first one in my front tyre and when i realized it was too late, very difficult to control and i fell, around 70km/h

Everything ok! Really good luck.

After fixing the first puncture, with the help of two guys that saw us and came to help. I had another puncture, this time of my back tyre, and with better luck, I felt it before it was too late.


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