Mining ASICs Technologies B.V. launches

scrpytThe Scrypt-Mine is a fully managed and hosted Scrypt mining project with planned capacity of 200 GH/s of Scrypt hashing power within 6-8 weeks.

The Scrypt-Mine is based on ultra high performance Scrypt Asic Mining with a fully managed Mining System. This system allows us to mine always the most profitable scrypt coins.

Each share equals to 814 KH/s of mining power on our SCRYPT mining rigs..

• 1 MH/S of mining power on SCRYPT Mining is 0.0491 BTC or 0.81466 shares..

• 1 Share of the 1. Round is just 0.0400 BTC.

The IPO is divided into 10 rounds 24,500 shares each round. Price of the 1. Round is 0,0400 BTC per share of the

Total Hashrate of the Scrypt Mine will be 200 GH/s = 200.000 MH/s or KH/s only for the mining of Scrypt Coins Mining. Litecoin, Dogecoin, Feathercoin….

The price of the shares will start from 0.0400 BTC per share at Round 1. The shares will be offered in incremental batches of 24.550 shares.

Each batch will be offered at an increased rate of 0.001 BTC. This means the first batch of 24.550 shares will be sold at 0.0400 BTC, the second batch of 24.550 shares at 0.0410 BTC, the third of 24.550 shares at 0.0420 BTC and so on at: Under ticker “SM” (Scrypt-Mine).

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