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New Bitcoin Wallet Upgrade – Bitcoin-QT 0.8.2 officially released

May 29, 2013

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29 May 2013 | Derek N. | Bitcoinviews.com

The latest release of the Bitcoin QT Wallet software has just hit Sourceforge.net

Here’s a brief summary of the changes made in the 0.8/2 release.

Bitcoin-Qt changes

  • New icon and splash screen
  • Improve reporting of synchronization process
  • Remove hardcoded fee recommendations
  • Improve metadata of executable on MacOSX and Windows
  • Move export button to individual tabs instead of toolbar
  • Add “send coins” command to context menu in address book
  • Add “copy txid” command to copy transaction IDs from transaction overview
  • Save & restore window size and position when showing & hiding window
  • New translations: Arabic (ar), Bosnian (bs), Catalan (ca), Welsh (cy), Esperanto (eo), Interlingua (la), Latvian (lv) and many improvements to current translations


  • OSX support for click-to-pay (bitcoin:) links
  • Fix GUI disappearing problem on MacOSX (issue #1522)


  • Copy addresses to middle-mouse-button clipboard

Upgrade link here

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