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“Every day we see several new places accepting bitcoins – but we don’t see any new places to buy bitcoins. This is a problem. Check out this Excellent new site offering advice and guidance on How to actually buy bitcoins.” – Derek N.

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About the Site….

“We needed easier ways to buy digital money”

We realized buying digital money, such as bitcoins wasn’t easy. You had to understand a lot, when really it should be pretty straight forward. The problem was, there was no resource aimed at making it easy to just buy them! We spent a bunch of time trying to figure it out, and instead of sitting on our hands, we decided to make a guide instead.

The guide started with places

To begin with, we started with “How do you buy bitcoins in America?”. We soon discovered the need was much more global, and got submissions from around the world.

Building Company Profiles

Because trust is such a key component in the digital currency community, we are starting a business directory of money services, such as BitInstant and MtGox.

Creating trust through simplicity.

In order to make a compelling guide, we aim to keep it short and simple.

Why buy bitcoins?

We have a page for that! Why buy bitcoins?


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