Quark – Is it worth buying?

26 November 2013 | Hazard | Cryptolife.net

I’ve always had somewhat of a soft spot for Quark. It was a quirky little CPU mined coin that launched with a very unique hashing mechanism, yet faded into obscurity in part due to how horribly it was managed. And yet here I am writing an article about it… Why, you ask?

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Quark is up over 2000% during the past week. A lot of other coins have seen significant growth during this period as well, but most of those coins (SRC, PTS, to name a few) owe their growth to being listed on the chinese based BTC38 exchange, and the resulting influx of yuan. Quark is different in that it’s growth has been spurred by non-chinese sources.

So what’s been driving quark’s growth if not the chinese? Supposedly Bill Still (who I’ve admittedly never heard of, yet apparently has somewhat of a following behind him) has expressed interest in it. This could mean good things to come, if the hype is to be believed.



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