Rhino Labs has announced the launch of their new Custom built ASIC Mining Rig called the RL-M5

Rhino-Labs-550x200HONG KONG, CHINA — SEPTEMBER 26, 2014 — Rhino Labs, a registered Hong Kong Technology company, has announced the launch of their new Custom built ASIC Mining Rig called the RL-M5.

Design for this custom built mining machine started in September, 2013 after a client of the company commissioned a very powerful mining rig with very specific requirements. From this project, the RL-M5 was born. The RL-M5 has the following specifications:
5 GH/S mining of any Scrypt algorithm (5.000.000 kh/s) ±8% speed variance
9 kW/H of power from the wall
Form Factor: Stand Alone Unit
Dimensions: 1700mmx550mmx550m
Weight: 65 Kg (143 lbs)
Operational Requirements: +20°C…+35°C
Humidity: 20%-80%
Works on custom build chips on 28nm technology
On board RAM: 8GB
Web-Interface is available for setup and monitoring of mining process
2 RJ45 connections for main and backup unit connectivity
Wifi module upon request.

Rhino Labs also offers hosting of the mining rigs in their data-centers, and cloud mining contracts on the powerful Scrypt Mining Rigs. The components of the RL-M5 are all very modernized to offer an incredibly high hash-rate on Scrypt based coins. Customers who order with Bitcoin or Litecoin will receive a 10% discount on their order compared to the full price with a bank transfer. Rhino Lab’s new Scrypt Mining Rig offers an excellent hash rate for an excellent price. All chips in the ML-R5 are developed exclusively by Rhino Labs.

About Rhino Labs
Rhino Labs is a registered Technology company Located in Hong Kong. In addition to the RL-M5 Mining Rig, Rhino Labs also offers a variety of high-tech products including subsystems, modules, and robots.
For more information on Rhino Labs or the RL-M5 Scrypt Mining Rig, please visit http://www.rhinoceroslabs.com/ or call Rhino Labs at +852 8191 5145, Ext 2805 or email[email protected]

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