@ScotcoinProject announces Partnership with @FoldingCoin providing 5 Million FREE #Scotcoin towards their Merged Folding Platform, assisting in the computational development of vital medicines.

26 January 2015 | Bitcoinviews.com

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The Scotcoin project is proud to to partner with FoldingCoin Inc and will donate 5 Million Scotcoin to the FoldingCoin Merged Folding platform, to be shared with all participants.

This promotional event will enable FLDC participants to earn Scotcoin in addition to FLDC and will commence 5th February 2015 until 14th July 2015 (160 days).

This will equal a distribution amount of 31,250 Scotcoin per day divided evenly amongst all participants. The distribution for Scotcoin will take place at the end of each month for the combined totals of each day in the month.

  • February 28th – 750,000 Scotcoin
  • March 31st – 968,750 Scotcoin
  • April 30th – 937,500 Scotcoin
  • May 31st – 968,750 Scotcoin
  • June 30th – 937,500 Scotcoin
  • July 14th – 437,500 Scotcoin

How does this benefit Scotcoin?

FoldingCoin already has an established folding community that is eager to get their hands on additional tokens for folding. Unlike Miners, Folders are not just on a “pump and dump” mission when folding, the greater mission is to create medicines for uncured diseases.

Since both FLDC and Scotcoin are “cause coins” and are trying to solve two different world issues, the partnership could not be better, as both coins communities will now be exposed to the other coins world missions.

  • The Scotcoin Project was created with the intent to serve as the Scottish citizens money supply to be the first official decentralized currency of a country.
  • FoldingCoin Inc. was created with the intent to solve current issues dealing with cryptocurrency mining and distributed computing platforms.

Setting up your client is easy! If you already have Scotcoin in a Counterparty enabled wallet (like counterwallet.io), the same wallet will be used to earn the Scotcoin & FLDC distributions.

Here are two picture step by step guides for getting started with folding:

  • Setup your wallet with counterwallet.io
  • Download and Setup your FAH Client

For more information about FoldingCoin and Merged Folding, please visit http://foldingcoin.net/ or email Robert Ross ([email protected]) directly with questions or concerns about the platform.

Coin to be Added February 5th, 2015
To earn SCOTCOIN in addition to FLDC please make your donor name style:


Scotcoins motivation is to empower the Scottish people with an alternative digital currency opportunity, which may be used as a medium of exchange, should the need or wish arise.


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