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Graduate Level Bitcoin Course Planned for NYU?

April 12, 2014
Graduate Level Bitcoin Course Planned for NYU?

By Ali Najjar, Two professors from New York University’s Law Schoool and Stern School of Business are planning graduate-level bitcoin mining courses for the […]

Texas Tries to Regulate Bitcoins

April 8, 2014
Texas Tries to Regulate Bitcoins

By DAVID LEE, AUSTIN (CN) – For the first time, Texas banking regulators have established licensing and security guidelines for virtual currencies and their […]

A Look at Cryptonator

April 7, 2014

By Adam Hofman, Figuring out cryptocurrency conversions can be a difficult task – especially when you have an exact amount you would like to […]

Bitcoin Regulation Roundup: Rumours, Court Cases and Taxing Times

April 5, 2014

By Jason Tyra, Regulatory attitudes towards cryptocurrencies around the world are shifting. Hardly a day goes by without a central bank issuing a warning […]

Why Goldman Sachs Got it Wrong on Bitcoin

April 2, 2014

By Ariel Deschapell, “Bitcoin likely can’t work as a currency, but some sense that the ledger-based technology that underlies it could hold promise,” concludes […]

CoinDesk Guide to the World’s National Altcoins

March 30, 2014

By Jon Southurst, UPDATE (27th March 22:40 GMT): More information, and coins. This year has seen a new, if predictable, trend in altcoin development: […]

Why Gun Manufactures Are Embracing Bitcoin

March 30, 2014
Why Gun Manufactures Are Embracing Bitcoin

By Lauren C. Williams, Gun manufacturers are now the latest in a growing list of businesses that are accepting cryptocurrencies. Texas-based TrackPoint — which […]

In a Doge-Eat-Doge World, Can Every Altcoin Survive?

March 28, 2014

By Daniel Cawrey, The alternative currency sector is nascent but it provides a formidable opportunity for investors who are bullish on the concept of […]

The Greatest Threat

March 28, 2014

By Cornelius Black, The sun may be shining outside but, deep in the caverns beneath the Bitcoin mountain, a dragon has reared its ugly […]

Cryptoauction Relaunch – Will it Help Bring Bitcoin Mainstream?

March 14, 2014

By Adam Hofman, Aimed at becoming the ‘eBay for Bitcoin,’ Cryptoauction was launched by Daryl Cusack in November 2013. Since then, we in the […]

Bitcoin Proves Just the Tonic for London Gin Distillery

March 14, 2014

By Roop Gill, UK Bitcoin holders can now spend their digital currency on a bottle of Dodd’s Gin or a 109 Cask, both distilled […]

Floyd Co. entrepreneur cashes in on virtual currency craze

March 9, 2014

By Jacob Demmitt, BLACKSBURG — Dan Larimer says he tries not to deal in “fiat” anymore, a somewhat quirky, more technical word for what […]

Meet Roger Dickinson, The Man Behind California’s Bill to Legalize Bitcoin

March 8, 2014

By Pete Rizzo, In the world of digital currency, misinformation spreads quickly, and there may be no greater recent example of this than California […]

The Dawn of the National Currency – An Exploration of Country-Based Cryptocurrencies

March 7, 2014

By Adam Hofman, In less than twenty days Auroracoin, Iceland’s own national cryptocurrency, will be distributed throughout the entire population of Iceland. The “Airdrop” […]

Russia’s Anti-Bitcoin Stance May Be Softening, Reports Say

March 7, 2014

By Pete Rizzo, The Bank of Russia has issued a formal response to a letter penned by a citizen requesting more detail on its […]

New Toronto Accelerator to Invest $250,000 in Bitcoin Startups

March 6, 2014

By Danny Bradbury, The second cryptocurrency accelerator has opened in north America this week, this time in Toronto, targeting entrepreneurs working in “second generation […]

Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies

March 2, 2014

By Chandra Steele, The vaults of Mt. Gox are empty and there is dissension among its coinholders. As the world’s biggest Bitcoin exchange files […]

Bitcoin is Legal, Says Central Bank of Cyprus

February 27, 2014

By Nermin Hajdarbegovic, “Bitcoin is not illegal” say anonymous sources from the Central Bank of Cyprus (CBC), according to a report by the Cyprus […]

Why Regulating Bitcoin Won’t Work

February 26, 2014

By Ariel Deschapell, In recent months, bitcoin has skyrocketed in usage and popular attention. With all this increased exposure and rapidly growing business activity, […]

A World Currency – Not a New Idea

February 25, 2014

By Larry White, With the rise of Bitcoin and other potential cryptocurrencies that represent mobile money without borders, it may seem like this is […]

Do Cryptocurrencies Really Compete? Learning From VHS, Betamax, Netflix and Hulu

February 25, 2014

By Cathy Reisenwitz, Competing cryptocurrencies have been in the news lately. This VICE Motherboard roundup is a good list of some of bitcoin’s most […]

Bitcoin is showing up the official payments system

February 25, 2014

By Jessica Einhorn, I am hooked on following the fortunes of Bitcoin. But it is a misanthropic interest; I am a sceptic. As the […]

Penn State Students Launch Bitcoin Club with Grand Ambitions

February 24, 2014

By Olivia Rudgard, While many see cryptocurrencies merely as a means to personal gain via mining or investment, a group of students at Penn […]

Bitcoin Magazine to Serve as a Media Sponsor for NY and London Conferences

February 22, 2014

By Elizabeth Ploshay, Bitcoin Magazine is proud to serve as a media sponsor for the Cryptocurrencies: Opportunities, Challenges and Profitability in the Migration from […]

‘Building the Payments Web’ Event Shines Spotlight on Cryptocurrencies

February 22, 2014

By Daniel Cawrey, An event titled ‘Building the Payments Web’ took place in San Francisco yesterday, with a focus on digital money and cryptocurrencies. […]