Scotcoin Project announces Virtual IPO on 15th May 2014 – Distributing the Remaining Pre-Mined Scotcoins (Ⓢ950M) directly to the Scottish People.

SCOTCOIN 2The Scotcoin Project announced today that it will Virtually IPO Scotcoin and issue the remaining pre-mined coins on an equal percentage basis to ALL that sign-up (and are eligible) prior to the Virtual IPO deadline on 14/5/14.

The Scotcoin team commented by saying – “Our primary goal has been to make the Scottish people aware of ‘other’ options when it comes to a ‘national’ currency, and we are extremely satisfied that we have achieved such great awareness to date, especially regarding crypto-currencies, and the fantastic opportunities they bring.  We did hope that there would be wider adoption, but also, do understand that revolutionary technologies take time to enter in to the consciousness of the greater population.  

Therefore, as a way to complete the initial and most important phase of the project (which was to distribute as many Scotcoins, to as many Scottish people as possible) we have decided to roll out the remaining 950m on an equal percentage basis to everyone that signs up and is eligible to participate, by the deadline of 11:59pm (BST) on Wednesday 14th May 2014.  

We truly hope this will kickstart a new digital economy and provide exciting opportunities for the Scottish people, with Scotcoin becoming a means of exchange, not only throughout Scotland, but also throughout the world.”

 Subscribing to the Scotcoin Virtual IPO.

  • If you have already applied, been accepted and have received the 1,000, you are automatically added into the Scotcoin Virtual IPO and will receive the appropriate percentage of Scotcoins on 15th May 2014.  Thank you for supporting us! 
  • If you have not applied, please complete either of the following steps before 11:59pm (BST) on Wednesday, 14th May 2014:-

Step 1 – Knowing someone you can trust that has an existing Scotcoin Wallet Installed

  1. Ask your friend to add a New Wallet Address within their wallet
  2. ‘Like’ the Scotcoin Facebook Page (
  3. Complete the Application Form on the Home Page
  4. Send a Private Message to the Scotcoin Facebook Page with your Digital Wallet address and also confirm you have completed the online form

Step 2 – Not Knowing someone with an existing Scotcoin Wallet Installed

  1. Goto and download the Wallet Software for Windows, Mac or Linux (If you have issues goto our Forum)
  2. Ensure you have installed this software and therefore know your Digital Wallet Address to Receive Scotcoins (eg- SfigyUQNMmrsS98ntKu5S2JoUtXfWJEni6)
  3. ‘Like’ the Scotcoin Facebook Page (
  4. Complete the Application Form on the Home Page
  5. Send a Private Message to the Scotcoin Facebook Page with your Digital Wallet address and also confirm you have completed the online form

Terms for Applying to the Scotcoin Virtual IPO

  1. You must be at least 18 years of age
  2. You must be located in Scotland (Valid IP Address when applying)
  3. You must have a Facebook Account that is ‘Real‘ and has more than 25 Friends.
  • Once you have applied, and are confirmed, we will add you to our interactive map at – Please check there for the confirmation.
  • If you do not receive this PM, this will be due to an issue with your submitted application, so PLEASE ENSURE YOU FOLLOW ALL THE ABOVE STEPS CORRECTLY AND ARE ALSO APPLYING AS A REAL PERSON, OVER 18, VIA FACEBOOK/WEBFORM & LOCATED IN SCOTLAND!   
  • Sorry, but we will not accept foreign or UK proxy server IP addresses, single email applications, linkedin requests or any other type submissions.  ONLY AS ABOVE – THANK YOU!

Scotcoin Virtual IPO Details

An announcement will be made on Thursday 15th May 2014 at 12pm BST as to the number of successful applicants and relative apportionment of Scotcoins that will be sent to each Wallet address.  This amount will be distributed within the following 24 hours.

 Information for Scottish Colleges & Universities

As we will roll out to each unique Wallet address and tie this in with Facebook & Online form confirmation, this gives all campuses a great opportunity to get involved with limited access to the network.  All it needs is for the wallet to be shared between your trusted group and we can disseminate the coins easily to this wallet with multiple addresses.  Its upto you guys to figure out the rest!

Information for Crypto-Currency Exchanges wishing to add Scotcoin

We are in currently discussion with several of the leading Crypto-exchanges, but if your exchange would like to list Scotcoin from 15th May 2014 please email us asap at [email protected]  

Mining Scotcoin Information

Ⓢ50m will remain available following the Scotcoin Virtual IPO to maintain the network.  Our recommended mining pool exists at  Further mining information is contained in our forum.

Next Steps

This will now be truly upto the free market to determine, and the Scottish people (that apply!) to decide.

All Media Enquiries [email protected]

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