Virtual Currency Trading Wars: Bitcoin Versus Ripple XRP

29 Apr 2013   | by Digital Currencies

This year, Bitcoin and digital currencies have been an increasingly popular topic of interest in the financial and tech communities. A broader segment of the world population is beginning to understand the value of virtual currencies (or at least trying to), which has been reflected in higher bitcoin prices.

The bitcoin economy is growing quickly, likely faster than any other economy has grown ever before it. However, on the cusp of this cycle are other financial technologies that we see as being equally interesting in their ability to improve the world’s financial markets.

One of the more near-term technologies being talked about is Ripple and its embedded virtual currency, XRP. As traders reflect on Bitcoin’s future, we thought it would be interesting to analyze how it compares to other potentially competing virtual currencies. After 30+ hours of research and numerous meetings on the topic, we finally feel we have a strong understanding of Ripple and its place in the financial world versus Bitcoin.


What Is Ripple?

If you’re hearing about Ripple for the first time, Bitcoin Magazine has a great introductory article on it here……

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